Yonex Arcsaber 9 Badminton Racket

Yonex Arcsaber 9 Badminton Racket




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    Yonex Arcsaber 9 Badminton Racket: Rs 12990

    YONEX , the leading brand in badminton equipment manufacturing and most innovative company in badminton racket sports produces quality badminton rackets for professional, advance and entry level badminton players. YONEX Racquets, badminton kitbag and badminton shuttlecock are known for its superior quality, expert level series classifications and innovative racket technologies with precision on manufacturing technology. YONEX used state of the art designed technique like Computer Aided Design to accurately design the racket shapes.

    The demands of modern day badminton racket mean the need to develop even more speed. Advance female players seek the combination of a lightweight feel and powerful repulsion racket. Yonex achieved this through combining their latest technologies and discoveries. Super light elastic particles are fused with the regular carbon fibers to create Light Feel Carbon (LFC). This carbon is then combined with the Cup Stacked (CS) Carbon NanoTubes to deliver more control and power from the higher flexing sides of the frame to generate explosive power and allow greater control.

    Designed especially for women, the lightness and maneuverability of ArcSaber 9 have been achieved without compromising the high performance of the ArcSaber technology. ArcSaber 9 has been engineered to enhance the elegance of women style of play and maximize their speed and power using special materials and technologies. By fusing new super-light elastic particles with the existing Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotubes to create 'Light Feel Carbon', Yonex has achieved exceptional lightness and maneuvrability without compromising high performance on court.

    Technical Specification used in Yonex Arcsaber 9 Badminton Racket online India:

    Light Feel Carbon : Super light elastic particles are fused with the regular carbon fibers to create "Light Feel carbon". This is then combined with the Cup Stacked (CS) Carbon NanoTubes to deliver more control and power from the higher flexing sides of the frame.

    NEW Built-in T-Joint : The new lightweight Built-in T-joint is manufactured from an epoxy resin material. It enhances the level quality and performance by increasing the stability of the shuttle on the string bed and through the air. Greater power can also be achieved when the shuttle is struck from the center of the frame.

    Soft Leather Grip : A player's thoughts can be easily transferred to the racket through the Soft Leather Grip that provides the best comfort and fit to the player's hand to produce power and control.

    NanoScience:  The nano is a unit that represents one billionth of a meter. Nano manipulation improves the characteristics of a material producing the next level of badminton racket.

    Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube : The new Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube resembles multilayered cups uniformly stacked together providing increased durability and improved flexibility.

    Single Piece Grommet System : This single-pass grommet hole construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high-performance stringing pattern that puts 7% more durability.

    Isometric : The Isometric Square Head Shape equalizes the length of main and cross strings in the stringbed, enlarging the sweetspot for more consistent accuracy even on off-center hits.

    Control Support Cap / C.S. Cap : Control Support Cap provides 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racquet for easy gripping, fast swing-through and the quickest manoeuvrability.

    Features Of Yonex Arcsaber 9 Badminton Racket Online India:

    Level: Advance

    Type: Fast / Attacking / Offensive

    Flex: Medium Stiff

    Head: Square/Isometric

    Weight: 85-89gm(3U-)

    B.Pt: 7 (Even Balance)

    Head: H.M. Graphite, Cup Stacked (CS) Carbon NanoTubes, Light Feel Carbon (LFC)

    Shaft: H.M. Graphite, NEW Built-in T-Joint

    Cover: Yonex Full Cover

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    Product Specification
    FlexMedium Stiff
    FrameH.M. Graphite
    Head SizeH.M. Graphite, Cup Stacked (CS) Carbon NanoTubes, Light Feel Carbon (LFC)
    ShaftH.M. Graphite, NEW Built-in T-Joint

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