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Victor Brave Sword 9 is a strong badminton racquet.The shaft of this lightweight badminton racket is made of Ultra High Modulus Graphite, Nano Resin and 7.0 Shaft . The mix of graphite and nano sap offers best adaptability and inflexibility. It has a string pressure of 26-28 lbs, which adds to the adaptability and simple development. Victor utilized Ultra High Modulus Graphite in outline which offers better quality to racket.The adjust of this racket is even which gives better flex and aversion. Solidness of racket is middle of the road which is intended to offer better racket characteristics.This enduring badminton racquet is 675 mm long and helps in upgrading the adjust in each shot. This lightweight Victor badminton racket is intended for propel level players.

Product Specification
Weight 20.5 mm
Grip Size G5
Head Size 55.8 sq/in Isometric
Height 68 inch

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