Yonex Nanoray 70Dx Badminton Racket

Yonex Nanoray 70Dx Badminton Racket




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    Yonex Nanoray 70Dx Badminton Racket

    YONEX Nanoray 70DX – More String Tension -30 Lbs for fast racket Smash 

    Yonex used new grommets pattern racket frame in which more grommets are position at lower part of frame. New position of grommets gives better racket repulsion and ability to sustain higher string tension. Racket is strung with 30 Lbs. 30 lbs is now tangible with latest frame technology known as DX frame. With DX frame, players get more strength on racket frame which results into fast smashes. It is head light racket designed with Nanoray frame which allow to hold the shuttle for longer time at string bed and offers great control on shots during intense badminton rallies.70Dx is made H.M. Graphite which gives extra ordinary performance to racket while its shaft is made of H.M. Graphite/NANOMESH + CARBON NANOTUBE which delivers superb stiffness. Racket weight is 83Gms while racket color is white and black. 

    Key Specification of Yonex Nanoray 70Dx Badminton Racket

    1.Nanoray 70DX is developed with DX frame technology. In DX frame technology, Yonex redesign the cross section of frame and make it wider at longitudinally and strengthen at lateral direction. Redesigning of frame gives added bending strength and impact strength to racket frame. 

    2.This Racket is belongs to head light series which is designed to delivery fast racket handling with control on shuttle. > 

    3.State of the art side frame design (YONEX used new material called Nanometric at frame which make frame to be flex at middle while stiff at top at bottom. This type of hyper material configuration gives better frame elasticity and hold the shuttle longer time at string bed which results into better shuttle control. ) 

    4.Racket weight is around 83 g with G4 grip configuration

    5.Its frame material can withstand the strong string tension up to 30 LBS. Player who love to play with higher string tension; this new innovation will stun them. 

    6.Racket is equipped with T Anchor which is a new material used at the T Joint of racket to make it more stable during fast badminton rallies. 

    7.Yonex used new grommets pattern to racket frame with single pass grommets construction. This gives opportunities to add up more grommets holes.

    8.    Weight: 83 Gm

    9.    Body Material : Graphite

    10.   Grip Size : G4

    11.   Flexibility : Stiff

    12.   Head Shape : Isometric

    Technology in Yonex Nanoray 70 Dx Badminton Racket

    Yonex Nanomesh and Carbon Nanotube material for Headlight Configuration 

    Yonex used Nanomesh and nanotube material into shaft and frame of the racket. This new type of material create a mesh type material structure which gives following key benefits to players:

    A - Very Light but rigid Badminton racket structure.

    B - Lightweight racket helps in placing better drive shots.

    C - Better Racket strength and handling.

    D - Improved repulsion Power and strength.

    Yonex Isometric Head Shape for Enlarged Sweet Spot 

    Yonex used Isometric head shape in this racket instead of oval shape. Isometric head shape designed to offer similar length of vertical string as horizontal string. This new frame shape offers following key benefits to players

    A - Isometric shape gives better head stability.

    B - Isometric head shape gives enlarged sweet spot by which player can place powerfull shots.

    C - With Enlarged sweet spot , badminton player can hit effective shots even if shuttle hit off center.

    Yonex Hybrid Frame Cross Sections (Box + Aero) 

    Yonex used hybrid badminton racket frame concept. In this concept , upper side of frame head is kept as Aero shape cross section. Aero Cross section offers less air resistance thus help in better racket swing speed, better power transfer to shuttle. Futhers , Box type frame is used at lower and mid ways which give better strength to racket frame. With better strength , player will feel better racket head stability which help in good direction control of shuttle. 

    Yonex Built in T Joint 

    Joint of any device is a weaker part and its affect the overall dynamic of the device. In Racket T joint is a weaker part and its affect the racket stability when shuttle hits the string bed. During shuttle impact on string bed, forces are transferred to T joint and if joint is weak in nature then it could cause direction instability of shuttle. Yonex identified this problem and developed built in T Joint. Yonex used Molded deep into the layers of graphite which gives joint free section and provide more rigid racket. 

    Yonex Control Cap 

    Control cap is a concept which is developed by Yonex to improve gripping of racket. Cap is a part which connect shaft with handle. Badminton player hold the racket from handle and finally grip its with Cap. Yonex used more flat surface on cap (88 PERCENT flat surface) which gives opportunity to grip more accurately 

    Yonex X-Fullerene 

    Yonex used lates X Fullerene material which uses 4 radial ribs combine the carbon atom to give football like structure. X Fullerene give cross link construction with following key benefits:

    A - 5 % higher Repulsion power.

    B - 15 % better Racket stability .

    C - 6 % better Racket stiffness.

    Yonex DX Frame Technology 

    In picture mentioned above show the frame cross section of DX frame at direction A towards X axis and B towards Y Axis. A point shows the wider area as compared to tradition racket frame cross sections. Following are the benefits of wide area a Point A. 

    A - Better frame strength .

    B - Better weight distribution .

    C - Accurate shot delivery.

    Further at Point B , DX frame looks thicker which gives spring like action. During any impact condition it works like spring and stores and energy and release smoothly for better repulsion and steady badminton racket frame. 

    Product Specification
    Flex Stiff
    FrameH.M. Graphite
    Weight/Grip Size4U (Ave.83g) G4,5
    Stringing Advice24-30 lbs

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