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In the G Force series, the LI Ning G Force 1000i is a complete graphite racket. This racket has a head-heavy configuration that is designed for attacking play.

The Li Ning G Force Power 1000i racket has all-new characteristics that make it exceptionally powerful and destructive against opponents. Its powerful smashes and forehand shots are made possible by its head's weight and flexible shaft, which provide enough power to strike an opponent.

This Li Ning racket is made of full graphite material and is priced under Rs2000. Full graphite rackets provide more power while also improving impact, bending, and tensional strength.

The racket's thin and high-tensile shaft aids in better power transfer to the shuttle, as well as improved aerodynamics.

For improved stiffness and impact strength, LI Ning employs ultra carbon technology, which is a high-grade graphite substance. The gamer will have more power on smash because to the ultra carbon material technology.

This mid-range Li Ning badminton racket will provide you 2.8 percent higher shuttle speed and 7.8 percent less drag force, resulting in powerful hitting and optimum shot control. With greater racket control, players can counterattack and defend effectively on the net area.

Product Specification
Body Material Graphite
Weight 88 g
Grip Size S2

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