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Yonex E tech 902 Badminton Grip

Brand : Yonex

E-tec technology - Ergonomic Cushioned Grip Over Grips

Width :  27 mm

Length : 1050mm

Features : Sweat Absorbent and Soft Touch

Quantity : Contains 5 Badminton Grips in One Box

Suited for : Tennis and Badminton

Color : Available in Assorted Colors

In Depth Review of Yonex E tech 902 Badminton Grip

Yonex E Tech 902 Badminton grip is crafted for all badminton players as it comes with great quality, improved durability, gripping power and comfort. A Yonex e tech 902 on the back of each overgrip make a little uneven surface offering a comfortable grip feeling and preventing your hand slipping from the handle easily. The grip is 1050 mm long and 27 mm wide and easily fits onto any badminton racket. yonex grip comes in various trendy colors.

Parameters Winding Tips:

At the beginning and end of the wrapping stage, please use more strength to wrap it tightly, then at the middle stage, use less strength to wrap.

Badminton rackets prefer for Yonex E tech 902 Badminton Grip

Product Specification
Body Material Graphite
Weight 88 g
Grip Size S2

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