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More Power with Donic Waldner Black Devil Table Tennis Blade 

Donic Waldner Black Devil table tennis blade is equipped with Carbon and Balsa. This blade is made by combination of soft wood and carbon plies as a layered configuration. This type of configuration gives best in class blade feel and you will get offensive playing style. Donic has combined Carbon and Balsa technology first time in TT Blade. The soft balsa core technology will provide you incredible power and speed which can be achieved with the hard Koto middle plies and carbon fiber of the DONIC Waldner Black Devil CB. The light weight blade enlarges the large sweet spot area of blade. Donic used 7 plies configurations for this racket which is glued with innovative technology to give you well balanced TT bat. A Balanced TT bat will help in playing effective shots which will be results into more speed in shots. Weight of the blade is approx 80 gm, control is 7+ and speed is 10-. Stiffness of the blade makes it more powerful and faster than other. Donic Waldner Black Devil Table Tennis Blade is equipped with these technologies: - Ergonomic Handle or AVS (Anti Vibe System) 

Ergonomic Handle 

Donic company always invests lots of money in Research and Development of new technologies. To make racket more comfortable and easy to use, Donic invented new Technology known as Ergonomic Handle. Design of TT Racket Handle is very adjustable and handle fits automatic perfect to the hand. Design of this racket handle is novel shape which provides you perfect forehands and backend shots. Rounded shape design of table tennis rackets avoid the pressure in the hand and will give you a comfortable and more attacking shot. 

Anti Vibration System (AVS) 

Donic Company research the New Anti Vibration technology to reduce the vibration with the help of AVS. Now, Player can concentrate in game and plays accurate & precise shots with this technology. The Anti Vibration System is a shock absorbing system technology is developed by Schildkrot, in this system a soft rubber is provided between the two plies to reduce the extra vibrations caused by ball impact. This technology helps to reduce the table tennis racket vibration by which player get excellent control on ball. It increase the shots accuracy for both players those who like to play defensive and offensive style. 

Product Specification
Blade Speed Speed 10- Control 7
Body Material Elasticity : Nearly Stiff; Technology: Hi-Tec Blade Speed : Super Fast Blade Control : Medium
Layers Veneer: Balsa, Koto, Carbon Layers: 7
Play Style Offensive
Weight 80 gms

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