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  • Get more Power with Donic Waldner Exclusive Table Tennis Blade 
    Donic Waldner Exclusive Table Tennis Blade is suitable for those players who want to play enjoying the TT Game with passion and more innovative game style. This blade is equipped with concave and anatomic shape which will provide you outstanding performance with high durability. Donic used 5 plies configurations for this racket which is glued with innovative technology to give you well balanced TT bat. A Balanced TT bat will help in playing effective shots which will be results into more speed in shots. It has high speed and spins which will provide you great result in table tennis game. Weight of the blade is approx 85 gm, control is 6+ and speed is 10+. Stiffness of the blade makes it more powerful and faster than other. It is comes with Combination of Head heavy blade which increase the blade speed and spin of the ball. Donic Waldner Exclusive Table Tennis Blade is equipped with these technologies: ABP (Adjustable Balance Point) or Ergonomic Handle. 
    Adjustable Balance Point (ABP) 
    Donic company will provide a new technology which helps to adjust the balance point with individual need. Adjustable Balance Point Technology increases the larger sweet spot area which ensures premium control. This technology helps for players to set the balance point which will give you individual styles of play. Table tennis rackets weight distribute towards the head of bat which will give you more striking power for an attacking style. 
    Ergonomic Handle 
    Donic company always invests lots of money in Research and Development of new technologies. To make racket more comfortable and easy to use, Donic invented new Technology known as Ergonomic Handle. Design of TT Racket Handle is very adjustable and handle fits automatic perfect to the hand. Design of this racket handle is novel shape which provides you perfect forehands and backend shots. Rounded shape design of table tennis rackets avoid the pressure in the hand and will give you a comfortable and more attacking shot.
Product Specification
Blade Speed 10+ Control 6+
Body Material Blade Control : Medium Strategy : OFF+
Weight 85 gms

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