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GKI Euro Jumbo Table Tennis Racket | Generate Maximum Power and Spin 

This TT Racket is produced for Intermediate to Advance TT Players with hostile playing style. It is an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) affirmed racket which give additional normal playing abilities. Furnished with Flayed handle which helps in better grasp and ideal control over shots. GKI Euro Jumbo TT Racket is outlined with Sanso Ply (It is an astounding utilize edge produced for forceful TT players) and Jumbo Tenser Rubber (Jumbo tenser elastic will give capacity to improve the situation circling, forehand and strike shots). By and large, This TT Racket is better alternative for the individuals who effectively worn out essential racket and needs to enhance the amusement with hostile playing style sort racket. 

Key Specification of GKI Euro Jumbo TT Bat 

1. Suitable for assaulting playing style 

2. Racket is furnished with Sanso Ply. 

3. To give better control and circling GKI utilized Euro Tenser elastic at both side of sharp edge 

4. Attractive illustrations and outline 

5. Flared Handle for better control on ball 

6. TT Racket is affirmed by ITTF. 

7. Attacking playing attributes (Speed: 99, Spin: 99, Control: 98) 

Guide on Table Tennis Rackets Selection Procedure : 

A Perfect Racket Selection is relies upon following parameters: 

In this blog we should clarify the total guide on table tennis bat choice methodology to pick the one that is most appropriate for your style of play. 

Cutting edge Thickness: 

Cutting edge thickness is a critical part of racket as it influences the diversion speed, playing style. It is a decide which expresses that more layers of edge gives more unbending design as contrast with Less quantities of layers. Same lead applies on TT racket Blade. It implies if TT racket is having more handles then it will end up plainly unbending which will be reasonable for player searching for more Drives and blocking. Less number of handles will give you more flex (As it will give trampoline impact) and appropriate for circling. So more slender cutting edge (< than 6 mm) - TT Blade are appropriate for circling amusement and direct edge (6 to7 mm thickness) are reasonable for drives and keeping in mind that thick edge (More than 7 mm) will be appropriate for blocking. So in view of your playing style you have to choose the racket cutting edge for you with no uncertainty. 

Nature of Wood (Complete Wood and Composite One): 

Composite sharp edge will give you lightweight racket design as contrast with finish wood racket. Add up to wood edges are best to generate more twists while composite sharp edge will give you more turn and consistence. It is tied in with finding the correct sharp edge for you and your style. 

Sort of Handle: 

Table Tennis Players are frequently befuddled which sort of sharp edge handle to be select. This cutting edge handle sort is absolutely relies upon singular solace level and playing style. Most basic sort is flared one and other sort is anatomic and straight. Flared sort of handle is useful for playing out the more forehand shots as its give culminate grasping activity to hold the racket. On the off chance that you jump at the chance to play with both side of racket then forthright with round shape handle will be great as it will enable you to rapidly change the side of the racket. Anatomic handle shape is near flared handle however has a knock in the middle that fits the state of your hand. 

Distinctive Type of Racket Rubber: 

These days player used to apply distinctive qualities elastic on various sides of sharp edge. The advantages incorporate adaptability to perform distinctive sorts of TT Shots according to the need of the diversion. Players can even utilize diverse thickness of the wipe rubbers on various sides of the cutting edge. While it will give you included preferred standpoint in amusement however in the meantime it will be hard to mage the variety in shots. Clearly it's required colossal playing ability to deal with the diverse pace and turn on various side. So along these lines you have to first decide your style of play, and after that pick rubbers just from the classification which coordinates your style of play. Just table tennis elastic approved by The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) can be utilized an approved table tennis occasions, so you should guarantees that the ITTF logo shows up on your elastic. Elastic are strong independently and are roughly 18 cm (7 inches ) square, and they should be trimmed to the span of your picked cutting edge. 

Elastic Thickness: 

Elastic is the piece of Table Tennis Blade which comes straightforwardly in contact with ball so it will assume critical part in choose the ball speed and turn. More slender Rubber – This Product will be reasonable for more control however you have to trade off on speed and turn of the ball. Thicker elastic racket will give you more turn and speed however it will be hard to control the shots. Thick elastic racket will cost you increasingly and it will require more support as contrast with more slender one. 

Elastic Characteristics : 

Elastic attributes affect ball turn as elastic faces the immediate effect of balls. In light of Table Tennis ball conduct on Racket, Players need to choose the racket. Player with hostile playing style ought to pick the elastic with some measure of sticky activity. With sticky activity of ball on elastic will give more turn. Then again, guarded player need to choose the elastic with less turn keeping in mind the end goal to gain more power on shots.

Product Specification
Control 97
Speed 90
Spin 92

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