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    This ITTF affirmed elastic gives you great shot in table tennis ground. GKI elastic is made with great quality material which will offer you sturdy and split safe elastic. The elastic is 2.2 mm thick and causes you get most extreme speed and turn on each shot. 

    Guide on Table Tennis Rubbers 

    Table Tennis is a quick amusement that requests your total inclusion from psyche to body. Rubbers assumes enter part in table tennis Game as its give speed, turn and control to table tennis balls. Bunches of expert players are utilizing the butterfly elastic as they are unrivaled in quality, better in execution and with various playing alternatives players can choose best elastic according to playing style. 

    About History of Table Tennis Rubbers: 

    At first, Table tennis rackets are just made of wood, and there were no elastic on cutting edge. Further, players begin utilizing some grating material on wooden surface go gain more power and turn. It was 1950 when Japanese utilized elastic material on racket edge. With utilization of elastic over TT Blade, player accomplished more turn, speed and control. After 1950, elastic utilization of table tennis Blade turns into a typical practice. Additionally research of table tennis rubbers comes about into various sort of elastic external surface. Pimpled elastic surface is normally utilized surface. 

    Butterfly Tenergy Rubber: 

    Tenergy elastic from Butterfly is exceptionally prevalent in Table Tennis players group. A review which is directed in 2013 big showdowns demonstrates that greater part of table tennis players utilized rubbers from Butterfly Tenergy arrangement. Actually, 52 % table tennis clients utilized the Tenergy Table Tennis Rubbers. 

    Butterfly Tenergy Rubber Technology: 

    Spring Sponge: 

    With inventive material and most recent innovation, butterfly improve new elastic which gives better speed, turn and control. Spring wipe, player feels better control and get s most extreme turn. Mystery of spring wipe lies in its material which gives spring like conduct to wipe and control and elastic parameters keeping in mind the end goal to get most extreme execution. Butterfly, with many years of Research and Development created with elastic material in which air is kept inside the wipe to change the attributes of elastic. 

    High Tension: 

    Putting additional pressure on elastic wipe, Butterfly inquired about another and distinctive elastic trademark which gives better feel and control to table tennis players. By keeping additional pressure on elastic, butterfly keeps up the adhesiveness on elastic surface and its likewise wiped out the need of additional defensive film. By putting pressure on elastic gives better break resistance capacity besides if elastic strain is keep up uniformly then it will likewise give twisting free surface. 

    Distinctive Type of Table Tennis Rubbers: 

    • Pips-In Rubber 

    • Pips-Out Rubber 

    • Long Pimples Rubber 

    • Pips-Out Rubber with Sponge 

    Pips-In Rubber: 

    In Pips-In Table Tennis Rubber sort, pimples of elastic are kept towards the play of cutting edge. 

    With Pips-In elastic sort players get following playing qualities: 

    (an) In Pips-In elastic sort, players get more compelling hitting zone so tennis balls watched more territory of contact. Pips-In elastic A pips-in elastic with worked in vitality offers abnormal state of response and substantial turn. 

    (b) Pips-in Rubber with High Level Reaction and High Friction offers abnormal state response and high grinding. 

    (c) Pips-in Rubber with High Tackiness and Friction - A pips-in elastic with grasp empowering substantial revolution to be conferred on the ball. 

    Pips-Out Rubber: 

    In Pips-Out Table Tennis Rubber sort, pimples of elastic are kept towards playing region/Outside of cutting edge. 

    With Pips-Out elastic sort players get following playing attributes: 

    (a) Pips-out Rubber with Built-In Energy - A pips-out elastic with worked in vitality and abnormal state response. 

    (b) Pips-out Rubber with High-Level Reaction and Spin - A pips-out elastic with abnormal state response and high erosion. 

    (c) Pips-out Rubber with High-Level Reaction - A pips-out elastic with abnormal state response. 

    Pips-Out Rubber with Long Pimples: 

    In this sort of elastic, pimples are kept long and towards playing region of Table Tennis Bat. With Pips out with long pimples, player will gain better power on shots as ball confronts less zone of contact while long pimples feel disfigurement amid ball affect. Because of twisting, long pimples feel misshapening and gives better control on ball. 

    With Pips-Out elastic sort players get following playing qualities: 

    (a) Long Pimples Rubber with Built-In Energy - A since quite a while ago pimpled elastic with worked in vitality offering an extensive variety of turn assortments and abnormal state response. 

    (b) Long Pimples Rubber with Sponge - A long-pimples elastic with an extensive variety of turn assortments. 

    (c) Long Pimples Rubber without Sponge - A long-pimples elastic without wipe. 

    Pips-out Rubber without wipe: 

    Pips-Out Rubber without Sponge is furnished with medium length ping with less or no wipe. With this kind of setup, players take care of business less bob amid ball affect.

    Product Specification
    Control 100
    Speed 100
    Spin 100

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