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Change the Game with Ti Radical Elite 
This series of Tennis Racquets are considered as innovative players Racquets. This series of racquets will give you best combination of power and control by which you can perform better on tennis court. 
Get winning Blend with HEAD Ti Radical Elite Tennis Racquet 
Head Radical Elite will give you superfine control and feel by which you can dominate in the game. It is equipped with special grid technology which is designed to give strong racket feel. With grid technology, players can perform strong tennis rallies. It s frame is made of graphite composite material which will provide you maximum control and spin. Racquet length is 27inch while its weight is 10.6 Ounces. The dynamic string pattern is 16x18 which also give more string to centre of string bed. It is designed for medium power level layers.
The USP (Unique Selling Points) 
Our tennis experts feel that this racquet is suitable for players who want to player all round tennis game with innovative game style. This series of racquet will give you best combination of power and control. This racquet is equipped with large sweet spot.
Product Specification
Balance 1 head light (320 mm)
Head Size 110 sq inch
Weight/Grip Size 10.6 oz. / 300 g
Length 27 in

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