Head Titanium 3000 Tennis Racket

Head Titanium 3000 Tennis Racket




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    Head Titanium 3000 (TI 3000) With fused graphite material y 
    Head Titanium 3000 is made of fused graphite material with of beam technology which gives best in class racket head for better strength. Its head size is around 100 Sq which gives enlarged sweet spot .Equipped with damping technology , Head Titanium 3000 gives less vibration when player hit the ball. With less vibration on racket head , player can place the accurate shots precise direction controls. 
    Featured with titanium technology (inraph Titanium technology , titanium and graphite fiber is used in Tennis racket frame to improve the overall strength and stiffness) which offers following benefits over conventional graphite tennis rackets:
    A- Effective weight distribution on Racket frame.
    B - Weight reduction
    C- Better racket strength , stability and stiffness
    Tennis Racket Technology in Head Titanium 3000 (TI 3000) 

    Tennis Titanium Technology 
    Head titanium technology used the composition of titanium and ultra light carbon graphite material. The composition of two material gives ultra lightweight combination of material which is lighter is nature and stiffer in behaviour. Tennis Rackets with Titanium technology gives better strength and maneuverability.
    Tennis Softac Grip Technology 
    Sostac is improve grip material made of Soft elastomer compound which gives very soft outer surface for better gripping actions. As its a soft material grip so it also work as damping material for absorbing the shock caused by ball impact. .
    Product Specification
    FrameFused Graphite
    Grip Size4.375
    Head Size645 sq. cm (100 sq. inch)
    Weight/Grip SizeStrung Weight: 280 g

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