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MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat kohli English Willow Cricket Bat: Rs 19918

MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat kohli English Willow Cricket Bat is made of the traditional, skilled craftsmen, combined with the latest technology to create a truly incredible range of English Willow Cricket Bat. The personally selected Clefts are efficiently balanced to reduce the overall weight, to give an extra light feel and deliver maximum power. All bats utilize rebound technology, have extra thick edges to enhance the sweet spot and give incredible driving power. All are pre-knocked for around strokes. The handle utilizes shock absorption technology and is made of 100% Singapore Cane. Only the highest quality products pass our strict quality standards. This bat made of Short Handle & Multi-piece imported cane handle provides excellent. & which provides a heavy hitting power with exquisite balance and control. This cricket bat is suitable for professional level players.

  • This Bat is endorsed by Indian cricket Team captain Virat kohli and as its name suggest it shows that aggression. Bat is developed with finest English willow imported from UK. To get maximum willow performance, willow is processed with natural technique. Grains of willow look soft and straight. Player will get around 7 to 11 straight grains in the bat with clear profile. 
  • Bat Shape is traditional which offers all round type of performance. Its sweet spot is located at mid to low position which is designed to generate maximum power. 
  • Back profile of this bat full which gives super pack sweet spot for destructive power on shots. 
  • This MRF bat is equipped with 12 Piece cane handle for perfect rigidity. 
  • This cricket bat has curved blade and thick blade for good sweet spot. It comes with toe guard protector for long life. This bat is not overly weighty. It is in fact beautifully weighted with a quick pick up and great balance when facing up to all the great aspects of ingenious modern day bat making. This cricket bat is suitable for professional level players
  • Bat compressed very well which offers hard playing surface to perfect ping. 

  • How to Care English Willow cricket Bat 

    Proper care of English Willow bat helps in increasing the performance and its life. Bat care includes following two steps: 
    A. Bat Oiling
    B. Bat Knocking

    • Oiling of a English Willow Cricket Bat 
    • Oiling of bat is very important and it is the first part of Cricket bat seasoning. Take 2 to 3 caps of linseed oil and gentle apply it on bat face, edge and backside. Use cotton to dip the linseed oil and then apply it gentle to bat faces. Use 2 to 3 coat of bat oil to do oiling and keep the bat for 24 hrs to absorb it to bat grains. 
    • Bat oil make grains and fibers softer for knocking process. For English willow bat, Bat oiling is very important to lock the moisture inside the bat . Oil surface on bat lock the moisture content and keep them inside for durability. We all know that a dry willow is very fragile.

    • Knocking of English Willow Cricket Bat 

    • Knocking of bat is the process in which a bat mallet is used to knock the bat. Bat mallet is made of wood and player needs to manually hit the bat face with mallet to make the bat surface hard. Knocking process should be done at least 24 hrs times to get best performance from bat. Knocking helps in improving the grain profile of bat which make further compress the willow.

    • So Oiling of Bat performs two critical functions: 
    • It softens the grains and fiber of Willow which helps in proper Knocking. 
    • Bat oil locks the moisture contents inside the bat face so that moisture so those bats can performance better for extended use.

    Product Specification
    Body Material 100% Authentic and Genuine | with 3D Sticker and BAR Code for Authenticity Verification Modern shape and style Light Pickup and Balance Toe guard protection provides extra care of the toe
    Edges Thick edges (40 to 43 mm), curved blade
    Grains 7 to 9 Clear Grains
    Weight 1170 to 1210 Gms
    Willow Grade 1 English Willow

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