Stanford Sapphire Autograph English Willow Cricket Bat




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    Stanford Sapphire Autograph English Willow Cricket Bat

    SF Sapphire Autograph Cricket bat is made of review 1 quality English willow-normally Seasoned. Willow separated is hand chosen while it is handled with characteristic drying technique.It is lightweight cricket bat with inward bat profile which comes about into intense cricketing shots. Finest quality cricket bat will give you more than five straight grains. SF Sapphire Autograph bat is intended for cutting edge halfway cricket players. It is furnished with 12 pieces stick handle.

    Top of the Line

    Top of the line English Willow, has been carefully designed and developed  for modern day format, utilizing a full block power profile, ideal for improvising players.

    Key Product Features of SF Sapphire Autograph English Willow Cricket Bat Online India

    • Best and Clear Grains along with nice spots to strike the ball
    • Average weight is 1180-1250 grams.
    • Made of best and hand selected English Willow grade 1+.
    Product Specification
    WillowEnglish Willow

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