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SF Black Edition English Willow Bat: Rs 33300

Premium grade 1+ English willow Carefully handcrafted to give a bat with a large sweet spot. Very thick edges Squared toe Slight bow to the blade Narrow grains"

All the SF cricket bats either in English willow or Kashmir Willow we stock are specially made for us at the SF Stanford factory.One of the finest quality bats currently available and strictly limited in supply.Narrow grains, a clean blade with thick edges, an imposing profile and light weight pick up - this bat has it all.

Key Product Features:

  • Apart from this SF Black Edition English Willow Cricket Bat online India is a 12 piece cane handle for absolute jerk FREE performance |Slight bow to the blade.
  • Along with the best grains i.e 8-12 Grains with an average weight of 1180-1250 gm.
  • It is made of Premium grade 1+ English willow.
  • Carefully handcrafted to give a bat with a large sweetspot.
  • Very thick edges|Squared toe.
  • deals in the genuine and best cricket bats online in India.
Product Specification
Grains 8 to 12 grains
Weight 1180-1250gm
Willow English Willow

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