Stanford County Red Cricket Ball 12 Ball Set




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SF County Red Cricket Ball 12 Ball Set

Alum Tanned, club quality leather, cortex centre for shape retention, ideal for club cricket, Available in red and white colours. Size: Mens, Women, Youth

Key Specification of SF County Red Cricket Ball 12 Ball Set

1. This Cricket ball is appropriate for the Tournament level players. 

2. It is water evidence ball so you can play in the dampness condition. 

3. SF Match Special Cricket Ball is made by Alan Tanned calfskin. 

4. It is 4 peace developed Cricket Ball. 

5. Quantity of the ball:12 

6. Weight of this ball Around 150 to 160. 

7. This ball is covering fine coating sewing. 


Guide on Leather Cricket Balls: 

Cricket Ball is an essential piece of Cricket Game. It is produced using fine quality calfskin and required bunches of hand abilities with a specific end goal to deliver a flawless shape cricket ball. Distinctive Manufactures are doing proceeds with R and D work to get the strong and immaculate shape cricket ball. In this guide we should clarify the distinctive sorts of Cricket ball and its effect of Cricket diversion. 

Cowhide Cricket Ball Manufacturing : 

Cricket Ball Manufacturing incorporates diverse assembling steps like flavoring of Leather, Cutting of calfskin according to ball details, first cut sewing of cowhide pieces, Leather pieces and stopper ball get together , Final sewing of cowhide ball get together , Pressing of calfskin ball , Polishing of cowhide ball , Final pressing and dispatch.Check out full Article of Cricket Full Manufacturing . In view of assembling process accuracy and ability level of administrator, nature of cricket ball can be chosen. Gifted administrator with very much characterized fabricating process wills comes about into consummate cricket ball for proficient level cricket play. 

Test Match Cricket Ball – Red Color : 

Initially, Red Cricket Ball was presents in Test matches. Red shading cricket ball is utilized to play in Day Cricket Games. Red Color ball gives clear perceivability to batsman in day matches and offer great turn and swing. Test Match Cricket Balls are made of best quality cowhide material with alum tanned calfskin handling which gives additional conventional ball execution. Test Level Cricket ball required more solid execution in this way should be fabricate by high aptitudes administrators and exact assembling process. 

One Day Match Cricket Ball – Red Color\White : 

One day cricket amusement is dynamic in nature and required ideal cricket ball execution with a specific end goal to keep up the enthusiasm of batsman and bowlers. One day cricket ball is fabricates with four piece foam setup with précis producing process. These days, One day Cricket diversions are sorted out in day – night playing style for which ball shading is critical. In One day Cricket coordinate, bowlers require additionally swing control while on other hand, ball skip ought to be sufficiently advanced to command in diversion. 

Sorts of Cricket Ball in view of inner Stitching : 

Cowhide Cricket balls can be ordered into two sorts in view of its interior sewing. Interior sewing holds the calfskin cut piece unequivocally with the goal that it ought to keep up the shape and give solid execution. In light of inward sewing, cowhide balls can be ordered into two sorts: 

(1) Two Piece Leather Ball (2) Four Piece Leather Ball 

Two Piece cricket Ball : 

Two Piece Cricket Balls are made by two calfskin sort fasten out by solid string with a specific end goal to make history culminate shape cricket ball. In two Piece design ball turn out to be more unbending and give harsh execution as contrast with four piece arrangement. Two piece balls are appropriate for passage level cricket play and it is sparing being used. 

Four Piece cricket Ball : 

Four Piece cricket Ball is made by four calfskin sort line out by high caliber and solid string. In Four piece calfskin ball there are three sorts of sewing happens. Two Rough sewing with thick string to join the four cowhide pieces (To influence two separate half to calfskin circles parts). One Final Stitching to join the 2 half calfskin circles and stopper ball get together. Because of this kind of ball design, cowhide ball gives tough execution while its turn and swing will encourages player to command in the amusement. 

Alum Tanned Leather Cricket Ball : 

Alum Tanned Leather is a handling of calfskin which gives super fine cowhide for culminate cricket play. Alum tanned process gives cleaning of calfskin on gradual rate to get best in class cowhide. Cowhide prepared with Alum Tanned procedure give prevalent quality calfskin balls.
Product Specification
Body Material Strong Alum Tanned Leather with moulded cork/Rubber centre. P.U. finish
Box Content 12 Balls
Size Mens, Women, Youth
Color Red

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