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SS White Edition red English Willow Cricket Bat: Rs 9786

SS White Edition red English Willow Cricket Bat Online in India is best suited for all kind of cricket players with attacking playing style. It is made from Grade 1 English Willow with good willow profile. Player will get 3 to 6 clear grains in the bat with straight grains. Sweet Spot is located to mid to low position and extended to toe area. This type of configuration gives best swing and pickup to hard hitting. Bat is equipped with 9 piece cane handle which gives optimized flexibility to player to put extra power on shots.

Key Product Features of SS White Edition red English Willow Cricket Bat Online in India

  • 9 piece cane handle for outstanding feel flex and control
  • Lightweight design Contoured edges
  • 5-7 Clear Grains.
  • 1180-1250 gms.
  • Hand Crafted Naturally air dried Grade 1 english willow
  • Hand Selected Player Grade 1 Willow.
  • Round Handle.
  • Shape designed by professionals.
  • Specially designed Aqua Grip with Embossed Sunridges.
  • Combination of Sarawak cane handle.
  • Concave Edge.
  • Huge edge super rebounded quality.
  • Made in India
  • Now with new reversible Dynamic grip to cater for different playing styles and comfort.
  • Hand Crafted, Big Edge, Pre prepared, Superb grip

SS bat maker uses his craft and experience to optimize the pressing, profile, balance and performance of each bat in the total there are in excess of 50 different processes in the production of each SS bat.


Massive Big Edge profile which increases from the shoulders and maximize at sweet spot, generating Supreme balance with an extended sweet spot that cover the entire width of the blade.

Sweet Spot

The position of the blade where performance is maximized. SS bat are engineered to maximize the size of the sweet spot, allowing the middle of the bat to be spread further across the blade meaning that off centre strikes perform better.

Face Profile

The modern game revolves around the profile and thickness of the blade. SS offer two profile: Flat and rounded face, Flat face bat generate power through profile (edge and spine size), whilst the more traditional rounded face yields enhanced direction of power throughout the hitting zone.

Spine Profile

SS’s Super spine profiles adopt traditional shaping. Characteristics with operate in unison with the Big Edge profile of the bat creating a huge apex, with unrivalled amounts of power throughout the length of the blade and exception pick up.

Product Specification
Body Material Lightweight design Contoured edges
Grains 5-7 Clear Grains.
Handle Type 9 piece cane handle for outstanding feel flex and control
Weight 1180-1250 gms.
Willow Hand Crafted Naturally air dried Grade 2 english willow

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