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Get More Spin with Stag Peter Karlsson Gen 2 Hard Table Tennis Rubber Max 

Stag Peter Karlsson Gen2 Hard Table Tennis Rubber Max is made from Japan. Hard rubber is most suitable for those player those who would like Offensive Playing Style. Hard rubber and sponge will provide you more power in shots. These rubbers maintain high speed and spin. This rubber gives you extra feel and control to players while they make more impactful shots. The thick and soft rubber of Gen2 provides a strong spin with minimal touch. It is an ITTF approved. The speed of the rubber is 120, spin is 110. This rubber thickness is 1.8mm. It is equipped with latest technology which will provide you more sponge in rubber. The top surface thinner pimple rubbers will give you extra space and enhance the control of rubber. 

Guide on Table Tennis Rubbers

Table Tennis is a fast game that demands your complete involvement from mind to body. Rubbers plays key role in table tennis Game as its give speed, spin and control to table tennis balls. Lots of professional players are using the butterfly rubber as they are superior in quality, better in performance and with different playing options players can select best rubber as per playing style. 

About History of Table Tennis Rubbers:

Initially, Table tennis rackets are only made of wood, and there were no rubber on blade. Further, players start using some abrasive material on wooden surface go get more control and spin. It was 1950 when Japanese used rubber material on racket blade. With application of rubber on top of TT Blade, player achieved more spin, speed and control. After 1950, rubber application of table tennis Blade becomes a common practice. Further research of table tennis rubbers results into different type of rubber outer surface. Pimpled rubber surface is commonly used surface. 

Butterfly Tenergy Rubber:

Tenergy rubber from Butterfly is very popular in Table Tennis players community. A survey which is conducted in 2013 world championships shows that majority of table tennis players used rubbers from Butterfly Tenergy series. In fact, 52 % table tennis users used the Tenergy Table Tennis Rubber 

Butterfly Tenergy Rubber Technology:

Spring Sponge:

With innovative material and latest technology, butterfly innovate new rubber which gives better speed, spin and control. Spring sponge, player feels better control and get s maximum spin. Secret of spring sponge lies in its material which gives spring like behavior to sponge and control and rubber parameters in order to get maximum performance. Butterfly, with decades of Research and Development developed with rubber material in which air is kept inside the sponge to change the characteristics of rubber. 

High Tension:

Putting extra tension on rubber sponge, Butterfly researched a new and different rubber characteristic which gives better feel and control to table tennis players. By keeping extra tension on rubber, butterfly maintains the adhesiveness on rubber surface and its also eliminated the need of extra protective film. By putting tension on rubber gives better crack resistance ability moreover if rubber tension is maintain evenly then it will also give deformation free surface. 

Different Type of Table Tennis Rubbers:

• Pips-In Rubber

• Pips-Out Rubber 

• Long Pimples Rubber 

• Pips-Out Rubber with Sponge 

Pips-In Rubber:

In Pips-In Table Tennis Rubber type, pimples of rubber are kept towards the play of blade.

With Pips-In rubber type players get following playing characteristics:

(a) In Pips-In rubber type, players get more effective hitting area so tennis balls observed more area of contact. Pips-In rubber A pips-in rubber with built-in energy offers high-level of reaction and heavy spin. 

(b) Pips-in Rubber with High Level Reaction and High Friction offers high-level reaction and high friction. 

(c) Pips-in Rubber with High Tackiness and Friction - A pips-in rubber with grip enabling heavy rotation to be imparted on the ball. 

Pips-Out Rubber:

In Pips-Out Table Tennis Rubber type, pimples of rubber are kept towards playing area /Outside of blade. 

With Pips-Out rubber type players get following playing characteristics:

(a) Pips-out Rubber with Built-In Energy -A pips-out rubber with built-in energy and high-level reaction. 

(b) Pips-out Rubber with High-Level Reaction and Spin -A pips-out rubber with high-level reaction and high friction.

(c) Pips-out Rubber with High-Level Reaction - A pips-out rubber with high-level reaction. 

Pips-Out Rubber with Long Pimples:

In this type of rubber, pimples are kept long and towards playing area of Table Tennis Bat. With Pips out with long pimples, player will get better control on shots as ball faces less area of contact while long pimples feel deformation during ball impact. Due to deformation, long pimples feel deformation and gives better control on ball. 

With Pips-Out rubber type players get following playing characteristics:

(a) Long Pimples Rubber with Built-In Energy - A long-pimpled rubber with built-in energy offering a wide range of spin varieties and high-level reaction. 

(b) Long Pimples Rubber with Sponge - A long-pimples rubber with a wide range of spin varieties. 

(c) Long Pimples Rubber without Sponge - A long-pimples rubber without sponge.

Pips-out Rubber without sponge:

Pips-Out Rubber without Sponge is equipped with medium length ping with less or no sponge. With this type of configuration, players get less bounce during ball impact. 

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Product Specification
Material Made with Finest Quality rubber Durable performance
Speed 120
Spin 110
Thickness max

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