Stag Peter Karlsson Gen II Table Tennis Racket

Stag Peter Karlsson Gen II Table Tennis Racket




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    STAG Peter Karlsson GEN II Table Tennis Racket | Generate Maximum Power and Spin 

    This TT Racket is developed for Intermediate to Advance TT Players with offensive playing style. It is an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved racket which give extra ordinary playing skills. Equipped with Flayed handle which helps in better grip and perfect control over shots. STAG Peter Karlsson GEN II TT Racket is designed with Sanso Ply (It is a high quality ply blade developed for aggressive TT players) and Gen2 Rubber+ TEC Rubber (Gen2 Rubber+ TEC Rubber will provide ability to do better looping, forehand and backhand shots). Overall, This TT Racket is better option for those who already tired basic racket and wants to improve the game with offensive playing style type racket. 

    Key Specification of STAG Peter Karlsson GEN II TT Bat 

    1. Suitable for attacking playing style. 

    2. Racket is equipped with Sanso Ply. 

    3. To provide better control and looping STAG used Gen2 Rubber+ TEC Tenser rubber at both side of blade. 

    4. Attractive graphics and design 

    5. Flared Handle for better control on ball 

    6. TT Racket is approved by ITTF. 

    7. Attacking playing characteristics (Speed: 120, Spin: 110, Control: 70) 

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