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Attacking Blade with Stag Sensor Table Tennis Blade 

This blade is made by combination of 5 wood plies with selected European wood to ensure an attacking blade with a lot of feel for the ball. This type of configuration gives best in class blade feel. Layering is done with advance gluing operation and state of art drying process which gives uniform blade surface. Balance and dynamic of blade is designed to give you fast racket handling. During long rallies, Stag Sensor blade will provide a feel for the ball every time you hit it and it appeals to your senses. It is an intermediate stiff racket with hard ply surface. It is available in multiple grip options. 

About Stag Table Tennis Blades 

Stag is world leader in producing quality Table Tennis Equipment, Rackets, Blade, Rubbers and accessories. Stag Table Tennis blades are equipped with latest technologies and are of high standard. All the Stag blades are manufactured at Stag Manufacturing facility - Meerut. High End Layered technology, Carbon Technology with Balsa ply gives Table Tennis blade for professional use. 

kheladda Expert Review 

This Table Tennis Blade is suitable for Advance table tennis player. Advance Layered technology will give you added advantage to play offensive and attacking shots with top spin and precise forehand shots.

Product Specification
Blade Speed Fast
Layers Veneer: European wood Layers: 5
Weight 78 gms

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