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Victor Meteor X 5600 is a sturdy badminton racquet with a string tension of 22 lbs-24 lbs. The shaft of this badminton racket is made of Graphite+Resin+7.2 SHAFT.The frame of this badminton racquet is made of Graphite+Resin. The length of the racquet is 675 mm. The isometric head shape provides a large surface area for the shots and distributes equal amount of force across the frame.Victor Meteor X 5600 badminton racket is suitable for Intermediate and experienced players.

Product Specification
Weight 4U
Frame Graphite + Resin
Grip Size G5
Shaft Graphite + Resin + 7.2 SHAFT
String Pattern LBS:H= 24 lbs, V= 22 lbs
Length 675 mm

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