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Wilson Burn 100S, Racket for Aggressive Tennis Players 
Featured with spin effect sting and 18 X16 string pattern, this racket will generate devastating spin for dominate in the rallies. It is designed for attacking tennis players. It is equipped with high swing weight which is effectively distributed on frame beam offers superb power on shots. In order to improve the energy transfer from string bed to ball, Wilson introduces new technology called as Parallel Drilling. In this technology string allow to absorb the vibrations cause by ball impact. Further, to improve the power, Wilson fitted the long handle which generate more power on shots 
After testing this racket we observed that, Burn 100S offer powerful forehand shots from baseline while from backhand more direction control will give confidence to players. While on net area, speedy handling of racket will surprise the players. Overall, Wilson Burn 100S is a deadly Tennis Racket for advance and aggressive players. 
Key Specifications of Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racket 
It is head light balance racket which gives better racket head speed. 
Head size and strung weight of the racket is 100 sq. 
This racket is made with Braided Kevlar & Graphite / Basalt Fibers which gives lightweight configuration with more strength. 
String Pattern of Racket is 18 Mains X 16 Crosses. 
Wilson Burn 100S is developed with Sony Sensor technology which record the game data and sends to your mobile phone for further analysis. 
This racket is equipped with Spin Effect Technology developed by Wilson. In this technology, Numbers of main string are kept higher as compare to cross string which results into snapback phenomena during ball impact on string bed. This effect results into massive ball spin and generate more RPM into ball without adding swing speed by Tennis Players.
Wilson used X2 Shaft concept in this racket. X2 shaft is equipped with large handle. With large handle player will get more power and better swing speed.
Product Specification
Weight 320.35
Grip Size Wilson Leather
Head Size 100 inches
Shaft High Modulus Graphite
Length 27 in

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