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Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket

About Duora Z Strike:

Duora Z strike is latest launched by Yonex 2017. It is dual optimum frame base racket (Its means cross section of the racket is different at two sides. At one side it will be Box type and on the other side it will be aero type). So, in Dual optimum frame technology developed by Yonex, Player gets two fold benefits: With Aero Section Frame, Player will get improve aerodynamics of the racket frame which results into better racket swing speed. With Box Type of frame cross section, player will get rigid frame geometry which helps in better stability and repulsion of the racket.

What New in Duora Z Strike Racket:

Innovative Hyper MG Graphite Material:

Yonex used latest graphite material (hyper MG) at lower part of frame. Hyper MG is very elastic graphite material. With new elastic material at lower part of frame gives better repulsion power on shots. As a comparison, with Hyper MG graphite material, player will get 8 % more repulsion.

Duora Grommets Concept:

In New grommets Yonex used different thickness grommets (8 Linked )on either side of the fame. Due to different thickness of grommets, behavior of sting bed is different on different cross section. Yonex used thicker and harder grommets on Aero side which gives extra power to string bed. Overall , With Duora Grommets ,player get better launch power to shuttle.

Horizontal A concept:

In new grommets patterns Yonex used more horizontal positioned grommets which allow smooth movement of string from grommets. This type of grommets patterns gives enlarged sweet spot and improved power on shots.

Stiffer Racket Feel:

Duora Z strike is latest launch by Yonex and Yonex kept this racket stiffer as compare to old Duora 10, so player who wants stiffer racket, this is good news for them. Racket shaft is also thinner as compared to duora 10 which will provide more repulsion power on shots with accuracy.

Black and White Racket Color:

Racket color is traditional, we can recall aromotec series if rackets.

Yonex’s New Badminton Racket – Duora Z-Strike – 7 Things You Should Know

1 . Its a duora racket – so there is the backhand side aero side and the forehand box frame side.
2.  It will be stiffer than Duora 10 : Yonex listed it as “Super Stiff” on its website. So we are expecting the Duora Z-strike to be a version of the Duora 10 with the stiff shaft of of a Z force 2. This also means that the shaft will be thinner than the Duora 10. This will probably give increased accuracy and feedback to the racket when you are hitting a shot. Well done Yonex
3. The colour of the racket is pure GARBAGE (Personal Choice) : In this new generation of bright neon and orange colour, Yonex has disappointed us with a very stale colour on the Duora Z -Strike. Its very boring colour is very similar to the design of the much cheaper Arcsaber iSlash (which in my opinion was also another fail)
4. Horizontal Grommet Designs (Similar to the Nanoray Z speed) : For those of you who like the Nanoray Z speed, this is good news. Does it really affect the feel of the racket to a player?? Errrr…..I am not so sure.
5. Continuos Grommet like the Voltric Z force 2 : The Duora Z – Strike will be featuring a continuos Grommet like the Z force 2 which will give the racket more power the racket promises. It might be made of some tungsten infused material like before. This makes the Duora z-strike even more appealing for the singles players
6. It will NOT be a head heavy racket : Judging the the weight of the racket (2U and 3U, No 4U models), it will be pretty safe to say that the racket wont be head heavy. Almost all head heavy racket from yonex always features a 4U variant.
7. Which playes might be using it? : From what we know so far, Viktor Axelsen has tested it. 
Product Specification
Flex Extra Stiff
Frame H.M. Graphite/NANOMETRIC DR/Hyper-MG
Weight/Grip Size 3U G4(Ave.85g)
Stringing Advice 3U 20-28lbs, 2U 21-29lbs
Color Black/White

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