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Yonex E tech 901 Badminton Grip

Brand : Yonex

E-tec technology - Ergonomic Cushioned Grip Over Grips

Width :  27 mm

Length : 1050mm

Features : Sweat Absorbent and Soft Touch

Quantity : Contains 5 Badminton Grips in One Box

Suited for : Tennis and Badminton

Color : Available in Assorted Colors

In Depth Review of Yonex E tech 901 Badminton Grip

Yonex E Tech 901 Badminton grip is crafted for all badminton players as it comes with great quality, improved durability, gripping power and comfort. Made by the renowned brand of Yonex, It offers superior performance when wrapped around the racket, ensure to stay sweat absorbent.  By the help of these grips, players can easily play more powerful smashes.

The basis of E tech 901 Badminton Grip is the Ergonomic Cushioned Grip System which provides added comfort for a longer period of time. It absorbs sweat and vibration and this grip fits in the palm snugly. It is very durable.  Yonex grips help match your style and improve your game.

Badminton rackets prefer for Yonex E tech 901 Badminton Grip

Product Specification
Body Material Graphite
Weight 88 g
Grip Size S2

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