Yonex Muscle Power 600 Badminton Racquet




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      Model: MP600

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    Yonex Muscle Power 600 Badminton Racquet Features

    • Weight :2U (90-94.9g)
    • Head Shape : Round
    • Flex : Medium
    • Head Material : Aluminum Shaft Material : Carbon Graphite
    • Balance : (Even balance)
    Due to Yonex Muscle Power 600 unique large-frame design, the Mega Frame further enlarges the already large sweet spot provided by the Isometric. Compared with an ordinary racquet, the Mega Frame provides a 34% larger sweet spot for greater reach and more effective off-centre hits.

    DURA-Frame is installed on the frame of YONEX aluminium racquets. This makes the Yonex Muscle Power 600  highly durable and provides solid feeling and face stability.

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