YONEX VCORE 25 in Jr Rackets




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YONEX VCORE 25 in Jr Rackets

The Yonex Vcore 25 Jr is a junior tennis racquet made from aluminium. This strong and durable tennis racquet has an isometric head that measures 95 sq. in. in dimension. The specific design gives the racquet a bigger sweet spot producing more effective contact with the ball across a larger area. The size G0 grip on the handle ensures that the racquet fits the grip of your child’s hand and helps them control the racquet better


ISOMETRIC: ISOMETRIC technology is developed by YONEX in year 1980. ISOMETRIC head shape gives advance racket frame design concept. With Convention Tennis Racquets, Sweet Spot is normally position at main and cross string intersection point. With Isometric head shape, numbers of cross and main string increased which give enlarges sweet spot (7% more effective hitting area as compare to traditional racket head design)

Integrated Power Weight System: IPS enables weight placement in precisely designed position (3 and 9 o’clock) to frame which gives racket face a greater movement of inertia. With IPS system in Yonex Tennis Rackets, players can effetely deliver the accurate tennis shots.

Micro Core: Yonex Micro Core is an advance technology developed by Yonex which used higher density foaming urethane on Racket frame. This technology adjusts the Tennis Racquet weight and provides the face stability and unbeatable power. Micro Core is properly injected into top and wider area’s (Where maximum torsion occurred) of racket frame. This enables enhance shock & vibration absorbing ability.

3D vector Shaft: Yonex designed new cross section of shaft which consists of deeper grove in cross section. With this new innovation in shaft cross section, twisting of the frame is reduced 20% as compare to tradition racket and gives more control and pow

YONEX Oval Pressed shaft: In order to optimize the Flex further, YONEX used rounded shaft corner. Rounded shaft corner gives smooth torsion ability to shaft which eventually give optimized level of flex as required by a Tennis Player.

Product Specification
Weight 225 g
Head Size 105 sq. in.
Height 25 inch

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