Yonex VCORE Xi 23 Junior Tennis Racquet




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Yonex VCORE Xi 23 Junior Tennis Racquet 

The Yonex VCORE Xi 23 junior tennis racket has a head size of 95inch and is head light balanced to ensure excellent maneuverability. This racquet unstrung weight 210g (7.4oz) is made from aluminium and offers a moderate amount of power and feel. It has a string pattern of 14Mains X 17Crosses and helps to generate a great level of spin. The racket features an Extra Isometric head shape which delivers an expanded sweet spot to provide greater levels of response and control typical for larger rackets. 


YONEX ISOMETRIC has been designed to increase the number of main and cross strings that intersect, increasing the sweet spot by 7%. (Tested by YONEX.) 

A compact, ISOMETRIC racquet head size 100sq inch can generate a sweet spot equal to a larger, round-headed racquet size 107sq inch. This delivers greater control without loss of power.

Product Specification
Head Size 95
Composition Aluminium
String Pattern 14 Mains / 17 Crosses
Length 23 Balance Point : 280mm Beam Width : 19mm/19mm/ 19mm

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