Stanford Almandus 7500 English Willow Cricket Bat




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Stanford Almandus 7500 English Willow Cricket Bat

 Performance of this bat is Made from highest quality English Willow, thick edge and curved blade for powerful, the handle is made from imported Sarawak cane to deliver power and control, wax finish.

 SF Almandus 7500 English Willow Cricket Bat is for those Who likes to get some air under the ball and watch it fly the big bat is designed for the big hitter, good quality willow suitable for a heavy bat to gain maximum power.

The ALMANDUS PLAYERS cricket bat is made from the best available grade 2 English Willow. SF Almandus 7500 English Willow Cricket Bat The player with a little bit of giving for the back foot shots for Mid to the low middle for those drives and the front foot for a shoot. The edges you will get on these are around 36mm - 40mm with around about a 55 mm spine. Comes with very minimal concaving to help keep the weight down along with improving the balance and the pickup. Round 12 piece treble spring cane handle SF Almandus 7500 English Willow Cricket Bat

Key Product Features of SF Almandus 7500 English Willow Cricket Bat Online India

  • Clear Grains and sweet spot to strike the ball hard.
  • Lightweight bat of up to 1180-1250 grams
  • Made of best and hand-selected English willow
  • Optimum thick blade.

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Product Specification
Grains Clear Grains
Weight 1180-1250gm
Willow English Willow

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