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SF Stanford Cricket balls manufacture in the factory and every quality control system has been placed and from the beginning to getting a raw leather and doing tanning which is special type of tanning alum tanned for cricket ball leather which is the best process and give the very best performance, shine, durability to SF Stanford cricket leather balls.

Then for the perfection every stage machining work is there for perfection and guide to the workers to work on those lines.

We as SF Stanford use the very best leather for Australia market Australian leather is used and for English market English leather is used which are very well accepted in those market and for Indian market the top of the range ball is made of English leather with the wax finish and that gives the very best result in top of the range. Apart from that the Indian alum tanned leather is also as good as English and give ultimate result in the performance. The new cortex technology has been adopted to make sure the perfect bounce and shape retention of the cricket ball and with our quality control system the quality of SF Stanford cricket ball are made with perfect method for getting perfection.

Alum Tanned, club quality leather, cortex centre for shape retention, ideal for club cricket, Available in red and white colours. Size: Mens, Women, Youth

Key Product Features of SF County Crown Red Cricket Ball

    • Set Naturally Seasoned inner core,
    • Material: Strong alum tanned leather,
    • Color: Red
    • Box Contents : 24 Ball.
    • Size: Mens, Women, Youth
    Product Specification
    Body Material The County Crown is a good quality four-piece Naturally Seasoned inner core Strong alum tanned leather
    Box Content 24 Balls
    Color Red

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