SG Sunny Legend English Willow Cricket Bat




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SG Sunny Legend English Willow Cricket Bat

About Profile of the Bat: 

SG Sunny Legend English willow Cricket Bat is hand selected from world’s finest English willow cleft. 

Its sweet spot position is mid to low. The Profile of this SG Cricket bat is full from backside with very little concaving. This bat used full back profile, normally weight of this bat is on higher side but due to expert ship of SG cricket, SG abnormally produce bat with lightweight balanced bat feel to players. This SG bat is specially made for Advanced and senior level players. 

Edge profile of bat is around 39-41 mm. With 39-41 mm edge and flat face, they can get destructive power on shots. 

About Willow of the Bat: 

For making this SG bat, SG is used the players grade 1 English Willow which provides best performance with optimized performance. The process technique of this bat is naturally which ensure more durability so player can used very long time with better performance. 

SG bats are made from Top grade Premium English Willow and player will get around 9 to 11 straight grains in it. SG used best process techniquies with willow which provides optimized and durability in the bat. 

About Weight of the Bat: 

Weight of SG bat is 1180-1250 gmsSG used Hand selected technique which provide highest quality and better performance for players. This SG bat weight range provides are maximum side edge, maximum wood behind the sweet spot and more power on shots , so players are play is very ease. 

About Handle of the Bat: 

Handle is most important part of SG bat and which provide more durability then encourage the high impact effect by ball hit. Cricket bat handle is specialized piece of equipment used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball. SG used 12 piece cane handle to develop the bat. 

The handle is made from premium, imported Sarawak cane to deliver superior power and control. 

About Authenticity of SG Bats: 

Following are the check which will insure the authenticity of SG bats;

SG English and Kashmir Willow Cricket bats are checked by 3 point Authenticity.

MRP Label and Barcode
Product Specification
Edges 39 - 41 mm thickness of its edges.
Grains 9-12 Grains
Handle Type The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.
Weight 1180-1250gm
Willow Grade 1 English Willow Made from the finest quality English Willow.

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