Yonex Court Ace Tough Lime Green Badminton Shoes




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Yonex Court Ace Tough Lime Green Badminton Shoes Features:

  • TRU SHAPE: Removes pressure and provides a comfortable fit around toes. Centre of gravity shifted to the large toe where most power is concentrated for a painless fit that offers more speed in your step.
  • .SOLE: Hexagrip Sole -For stable footwork and Hexagrip patterns provides 3% more grip and 20% lighter than standard sole material.Round Sole-Round sole is designed to provide all round support for quick and smooth footwork.Round sole ensures smooth movements and the transfer of maximum energy.
  • TPU Support:It supports stability on landing at arch area.It reinforce the foot during quick and harsh lateral movement. .
  • .TRU CUSHION INSOLE:Offer extra support on the front to heel and improve comfort and performance.
  • .CARBON SHEET:Carbon sheet is equipped to provide robust reinforcement under and outside the centre of the foot, reducing shoe twist

Package Includes: 1 Pair of Yonex Court Ace Tough Lime Green Badminton Shoes

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