Cosco Muscletec MT 25 Badminton




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    Brand: Cosco

    Model: CC_RC_000023

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Cosco Muscletec MT 25 Badminton Product Description

Aerodynamic frame design offers swifter movement, high stability & strength to shots. The wind drag during play is reduced. Designed for attacking play.

Cosco Muscletec MT 25 Badminton Product Specification

Weight (gms): 83~87

Balance(mm): 295±5

Tension(lbs):  24~26

Material: High Modulus Graphite

Grip Size:        G4

Flexibility: Medium

Recommended for Training

Grip: PU

Product Specification
Balance 295±5
Material High Modulus Graphite
Tension 24~26 lbs
Weight 83~87 gms
Grip Size G4/PU

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